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Hongkongpost Air mail:A combination of two shipping methods,
Registered air mail and Air parcel.

Takes 5-15 days. Available to most countries.
From 0.01 to 30 kg. Air parcel starts when cost lower than registered air mail. Please refer to table below(kg).

Takes 2-6 days.

Countries 1     Not available   
Countries 2     Up to 30 kg

Takes 2-4 days. Available to Australia and United States.

Hongkongpost Surface Parcel
Takes 4-6 weeks. Available to most countries.

Country list
Argentina(1.39), Australia(0.94), Austria(1.06), Bahamas(1.06), Belgium(1.18), Brazil(1.39), Bulgaria(1.09), Canada(1.15), Chile(1.39), Costa Rica(1.30), Croatia(1.21), Cyprus(0.97), Czech Republic(1.15), Denmark(1.03), El Salvador(1.39), Estonia(1.39), Finland(1.33), France(1.30), Germany(1.30), Greece(1.15), Guatemala(1.39), Hungary(1.18), India(1.03), Indonesia(0.85), Ireland(1.15), Israel(1.24), Italy(1.18), Japan(0.82), Kazakhstan(1.39), Kuwait(1.00), Latvia(1.36), Lebanon(1.03), Lithuania(1.39), Macedonia(1.06), Malaysia(0.67), Maldives(0.82), Malta(1.18), Mauritius(1.03), Mexico(1.27), Namibia(1.24), Netherlands(1.03), New Zealand(1.03), Nicaragua(1.30), Norway(1.39), Pakistan(0.91), Philippines(0.91), Poland(1.06), Portugal(1.30), Puerto Rico(0.91), Qatar(1.03), Romania(1.36), Russia(1.39), Saudi Arabia(0.91), Singapore(0.64), Slovenia(1.21), South Africa(1.27), South Korea(0.67), Spain(1.03), Sweden(1.36), Switzerland(1.06), Thailand(0.67), Turkey(1.12), Ukraine(1.39), United Arab Emirates(0.88), United Kingdom(1.30), United States(0.94), Vietnam(0.91)

Ship from Monday to Friday, Hong kong time.
Subject to change without prior notice.   
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